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Challenge Family race in the Czech Republic!

Gift voucher


Give an unforgettable gift…

…give free slot for FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE 2018

Do you know some enthusiastic athlete, business partner or even a beginner around you and think about the gift for him or her? Give free slot for FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE and you can be sure that this experience will never be forgotten …


How to buy a voucher?

  1. You can buy the gift voucher simply through the registration system
  2. Press the “BUY GIFT VOUCHER” button below, choose the amount, race category and type of voucher (see below)
  3. Press the “CHECK” button and fill in your contact and payment details (do not fill in the data of the gifted person)
  4. Once we process your incoming payment, we will send you an electronic gift voucher with an unique registration code
  5. You can also buy a voucher on a business and solve a gift for your business partner
  6. Then this unique code can be used in registration process to get a free registration (instructions are available below)


Types of gift vouchers

  • Choose from two themes:
    • Lucy Charles (on the left side)
    • Pieter Heemeryck (on the right side)
  • You will receive a voucher in A4 format (PDF)




  • FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE MIDDLE (1,9 – 90 – 21,1 km)
  • CHALLENGETRY-ATHLON (0,38 – 18 – 4,2 km)
  • CHALLENGEPRAGUE RELAYS (1,9 – 90 – 21,1 km)


How much does the voucher cost and how can I pay?

  • Prices of vouchers for each category follows current entry fee level
  • Payments available:
    • online card payment (you will receive the voucher within 1 week)
    • invoice (you will receive the voucher upon receipt of payment to our account)


How to apply your voucher?

  • Register through the registration system
  • Enter the registation code directly at the top right corner (“Enter promotional code”)
  • Than continue in the regular registration process – your entry is free