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Challenge Family race in the Czech Republic!

CORE Nutrition Planning

CORE provides personalized nutrition planning, helping you to be properly fueled during training and races.  No more “hitting the wall”, dehydration or stomach problems!  CORE NutritionPlanning brings world class science to you by taking into account your physiology, preferences and tolerances to create customized nutrition plans that work.

The Problem

Improper sports nutrition is very common and impacts performance for many athletes.  For some, improper nutrition is the cause of unnecessary medical issues

  • 40-50% of athletes report poor performance as a result of improper hydration and/or carbohydrate consumption.
  • 10-70% report some gastrointestinal (GI) issues
  • 5-20% report serious GI issues
  • 0-18% experience hyponatremia due to over-hydration.

DeOliveria et. al. Sports Med (2014); Chiampas et. al Sports Med (2015); Hew-Butler et. al. Clinical Journal Sports Med (2015)

The Solution

CORE Nutrition Planning solves these issues for everyday and elite athletes alike.

The Results

Perform better: A professional nutrition plan will help you to perform better by fueling you based on the latest science.

Avoid hitting the wall: No athlete wants to fatigue early. Running out of fuel is usually preventable. CORE will guide you, based on your individual needs.

Avoid dehydration: Dehydration can affect performance and adequate fluid intake is important. Everyone sweats differently and therefore fluid intake recommendations are different for everyone.

Avoid overhydration: Dehydration can be a problem, but overhydration can be even more dangerous. CORE will guide you to make sure you drink enough, but not too much.  

Minimize GI issues: Gastro-intestinal (GI) issues are very common and often nutrition related. They are often preventable and a good plan can reduce the risk considerably.    

Remove guess work: With a CORE plan you can rest assured that your nutrition is safe and successful. CORE helps you to plan in advance, so you don’t need to worry the days before a race. You know your plan works!

In just a few minutes you can have your own free, personalized, science-based nutrition plan for FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE based on the ENERVIT products.  Just sign in, answer a few questions about you and CORE will prepare your plan.



The Offering

Features FREE Pay Per Plan Unlimited

1-Year Subscription

Pricing FREE $11.99 $99.00
Evidence-based nutrition planning
Personalized nutrition plan
Nutrition plans for training and races
Aid station information for selected races
Plans tailored to your goals
More advanced goal setting
Access to full database of products
More comprehensive nutrition summary
Added detail on caffeine, sodium, etc.
One-off plan for your race or training
Enhanced analytics
Unlimited plans for training and events
Free upgrades to new software versions

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